will be shipped bare root. Rare Echeveria Compton Carousel plants for sale. Very fast growing. Learn More. Add to Cart. If grown under ideal condition, the tight rosettes can become as large as a dinner plate (4-6 in. Click here to chat in WhatsApp. Although with intense sun exposure, Echeveria Imbricata is responsible for its protection. … Get Best Price. Echeveria imbricata or the Blue Rose Echeveria is a hardy and attractive succulent with tight rosettes of overlapping, bluey-green, waxy leaves with rose tinged edges. We purchased this plant as Echeveria x imbricata with a common name Blue Rose but note that it is more open than the original form we grow under this name, which was a plant … It is one of the oldest Echeveria hybrids that is documented, being a combination of Echeveria glauca and Echeveria metallica. … Echeveria Encanta. Be the first to review this product. Tight rosettes of flat grey-green leaves that when mature, form offsets freely to produce large solid clumps. Leaves have red tip when grown in the sun. Habit: Spreading. Water … Echeveria Imbricata. wide (10-15 cm). • A showy plant with a rosette, approx: 220mm across. Weight: 2 kg: Dimensions: 30 × 15 × 15 cm: Common Name: Echeveria. Echeveria 'Boe Kari' Echeveria Boe Kari. Echeverias are moderately fast growing plants that are easy to grow. A great choice for rock gardens or containers. • A stand-out specimen left … one has two heads and the rest are single heads. It’s one of the oldest echeveria hybrids, created as a cross between Echeveria metallica and Echeveria glauca. Indoors, provide bright light. Follow a regular watering schedule during the first growing season. Echeveria imbricata 'Blue Rose' is an evergreen succulent native to Mexico and has one of the most perfect rosettes with fleshy saucer shaped leaves. Out of stock. The small, evergreen succulent is one of the hardiest plants in the echeveria genus and member of the Crassulaceae family. Grows up to 4-8 in. Light Needs. In this … Echeveria's are best grown in the warmer months. Price $7.00. Echeveria runyonii - 'Topsy Turvy' Price $6.50. 2X ECHEVERIA IMBRICATA CUTTING - Succulent - $12.99. Pre-Order for Future Delivery. Form: These rosette-shaped plants send out new offsets on stolons (horizontal stems), and if given space, the colony will spread outward from the mother … USDA Zone? Please note and accept the following terms before making a purchase: All plants will be sent bare-rooted - no pots with minimal soil. There are very few rules in gardening, but perhaps the most important one is to work within your zone. Echeveria Agavoides "Ebony" From $25.00 Sale. Please note that the plants on the pictures are examples. Echeveria (24 products available) View by: Product | Supplier. Echeveria Imbricata (Large) Regular price $9.99 Sale. Testimonials. Near Me. Our ratings are a guide only, and are the opinion of Mini Garden … Our ratings are based on how easy it is to look after this plant. It has a branched arching inflorescence bearing clusters of red and yellow flowers in the spring and early summer. Echeveria imbricata. wide), and can produce multiple offsets that hug the mother rosette at the base. Fertilizer: Apply any organic fertilizer. Full sun, Partial sun. tall (10-20 cm) and 4-6 in. These plants $6 - $10 each,,100mm pot large,,Sedum Clavatum,Agavoides Benimusume,Echeveria Black Knight,Imbricata Hybrid,Echeveria exotic,Agavoides Victor Reiter,Crassula Sarmentosa Comet,Echeveria Yamatoren,Crassula Perforata String of Buttons plus much more.....Sale starts on Saturday at 8.30am at Barnsley.....contact me for the address and any … Echeveria 'Chroma' Echeveria Chroma. Echeveria 'Compton Carousel' is a succulent plant that forms attractive, up to 6 inches (15 cm) tall clumps of tight rosettes that grow up to 6 inches (15 cm) in diameter. Full sun. Description. currently growing in 4” pots. × We have over 35 years experience in the … We sell online and ship throughout the Europe. Echeveria x imbricata 'Compton Carousel', Echeveria 'Imbricata' f. variegata. The most popular color? Echeveria 'Canadian' Echeveria Canadian. Can get as large as a dinner plate when grown under ideal conditions. Additional information. Notify me when item is back in stock. Echeveria 'Blue Bird' Echeveria Blue Bird. Resilience: Hardy. Leaves are … IndiaMART > Fresh Flowers, Plants & Trees > Flowering Plant > Echeveria. Echeveria 'Blue Atoll' Echeveria Blue Atoll. Sold Out. Echeveria x imbricata 'Blue Rose' - A succulent with small, tight rosettes of grey-green obovate leaves that create offsets freely. … Echeveria "Imbricata" From $16.00 Sale. IndiaMART. This plant is pictured in a 155mm Pot size. Echeveria 'Imbricata‘ is one of the oldest hybrids and results from a cross between Echeveria glauca and Echeveria metallica. In cold weather, leaves blush rose-red and look like red velvet. Echeveria imbricata is an alluring succulent that is identified with its thin, closely cupped leavers with a powder blue color and framed with a light hue of pink around its edges. Habit: Spreading. Add to cart Echeveria Imbricata is a sun loving plant We have rated each plant for your convenience. Indoor plants and gifts delivered to your door. or make 4 interest-free payments of $2.50 AUD fortnightly with More info. A favorite echeveria succulent plant hybrid, Echeveria imbricata [ech-eh-VER-ee-a im-brih-KAY-tuh] produces blue-green leaves forming tight rosettes. Location. We are a small family-owned and operated nursery growing a large variety of quality succulents. Echeveria imbricata. General Care for Echeveria imbricata “Blue Rose” “Blue Rose” is popular among succulent lovers, and is one of the most common Echeverias you can find. The leaves are covered with a waxy layer (you have to avoid removing it, remember it). MLD Succulents. APPEARANCE. Compton Carousels go by many names - Echeveria Lenore Dean or variegated Echeveria Imbricata, for ex Buy Echeveria imbricata, Blue Rose Echeveria - Succulent Plant and 6000+ more gardening products online. Sign In. Succulents cluster. Tight rosettes of flat grey-green leaves that when mature, form offsets freely to produce large solid clumps. Your orders and emails will be processed after this date. More. four echeveria imbricata for sale. On Sale. Echeveria Imbricata (XS) Sale price $5.00 Regular price $8.00. It also goes … All … Shop. Its a small evergreen succulent forming tight rosettes of fleshy,saucer shaped blue green leaves. Thank you. Email … Easily grown in sandy, well-drained soils in sun or partial shade. Pre-Order for Future Delivery. Echeveria Imbricata (Blue Rose Echeveria) • An attractive, durable and hardy succulent with grey-green rosettes that bear clusters of red and yellow flowers in spring and early summer • Rosettes grow up to 30cm across and offsets freely into a tight clump to form a succulent bouquet. If the potted plants choose porous materials such as ceramics or terracotta. Pink Echeveria. Bright orange flowers are amongst the largest for the genus. (based on the plant being grown in the correct conditions.) This item will ship to United States, but the seller has not specified shipping options. In habitat, many Echeverias grow on rocky outcroppings at higher… Get latest info on Echeveria, suppliers, manufacturers, wholesalers, traders, wholesale suppliers with Echeveria prices for buying. Height: … In habitat, many Echeverias grow on rocky outcroppings at higher altitudes. The color of a single plant is variable, with more vibrant colors appearing when the plant receives more light. It is a good idea to add some element before the substrate to improve the … Echeveria Imbricata Succulent buy online at low price from largest plant nursery free pot included with Echeveria Imbricata Succulent All India Delivery EcheveriaPlant TypeCactus or SucculentSun ExposureFull Sun, Partial SunHeight4 Echeveria imbricata. Colors: Echeveria show a wide variety of pastel pinks, purples, blues, and greens and can be two-toned or have contrasting leaf tips. Echeveria "Starlite"- Cluster. Resilience: Hardy. SKU. Regular price $40.00 Sale. Echeveria 'Emerald Ripple' Price $7.50. Echeveria x imbricata: A gorgeous hybrid of E. imbricata.It has wide, spoon-shaped leaves with pointed tips and can vary from blue-green to a vibrant pink in color. Sold Out. Find here details of companies selling Echeveria, for your purchase requirements. this is a gorgeous clumping succulent. Each variegated plant is different. It has a branched arching inflorescence bearing clusters of red and yellow flowers in the spring and early summer. Im more than happy to be 254813682855 Echeveria crenulata 'crenulata' Echeveria crenulata. Difficulty : easy to grow. Echeveria x imbricata' (Hens and Chicks) - This popular and vigorous succulent has 4 to 8 inches wide, tight rosettes of flat grey-green leaves that, when mature, form offsets freely to form large solid clumps that are 4 to 6 inches tall. We are updating Echeveria Imbricata – Plant information frequently. Flower Colour-0. Branched clusters of red flowers bloom in the spring and early summer. or make 4 interest-free payments of $6.25 AUD fortnightly with More info. Once established, … THESE PARTICULAR PLANTS ARE NOT FOR BEGINNERS AND THEY ARE CHALLENGING FOR COLLECTORS. Color is a blue-grey with a tall stem that produces a pink-orange flower. Shipping and handling. Each rosette will reach a size of around 15cms across and multiply by forming off-sets alongside to create a mounded cluster as the pressure pushes the centre upwards. Besides its attractive appearance, Echeveria imbricata 'Blue Rose' is also very … Shown in a 10cm pot. They should be wide containers preferably and with suitable holes in the base. They will not survive a hard frost, but if there is a risk of freezing temperatures they can be brought indoors to … Echeveria 'Burgundy Pearl' Echeveria Burgundy Pearl. Choosing plants that grow and thrive in your particular climate is the very first step toward having a beautiful garden . The plants are around 2-4 cm in width and 2-4 cm in height. We are on holiday from 21 December to 4 January. 6863. Regular price $20.00 From $15.00 Echeveria "Colorshift" From $6.00 Sold Out. ABOUT PACKAGE: Your plant will be meticulously bubblewrapped and shipped in a sturdy box. If the above statement didn't scare you off, then I guess you're up for the challenge! … Get 1 Free Product Today All India Delivery Lowest prices. With decades worth of experience, we grow amazing, premier quality succulents so that every plant we send to you is one that we'd be excited to receive ourselves! PLEASE DO RESEARCH BEFORE PLACING AN ORDER. Your climate might be too cold for this plant: Change. Echeveria imbricata 'Prince' Echeveria Black Prince. We offer amazing varieties of sempervivum, sedum, echeveria and other succulents for sale online. 9 - 11. Drought tolerant. Excellent in landscape, rock garden or as a patio plant. Sr Item name 1 Echeveria imbricata, Blue Rose Echeveria - Succulent Plant 2 3 inch (8 cm) Grower Round Plastic Pot (Black) Mexican Snowball is a … With time, this plant will attain a 12" diameter. Price: £43.16 (Excluding VAT at 20%) Unit Description: 104 Plants / Tray. Echeveria Worfield Wonder (L) Regular price $20.00 Sold Out. Largest selection of succulents and cacti available online: Sempervivum, Sedum, Indoor & Outdoor Hardy Succulents, Echeveria, Trichocereus, Lithops. Regular price $19.99 Sale price $15.99 Sold Out. You guessed it: green. Sale price $10.00 Regular price $12.00. Echeveria 'Blue Sky', possibly a hybrid of Echeveria 'Imbricata', forms large rosettes of spatulate glaucous deep blue leaves tipped in red. Dear customer. Growing Tips. Echeveria imbricata is sometimes referred to as Echeveria x imbricata, to indicate that it's a hybrid. Echeveria Perle Von Nurnberg (L) (***) Sale price $8.00 Regular price $18.00. Echeveria harmsii, native to Mexico, is a shrublike Echeveria with lanceolate green leaves covered densely with hairs. ABOUT US. Welcome to RM's happy succulent garden. Echeveria Lilacina (L) Regular price $20.00 Sold Out. Add to cart Echeveria Imbricata is a sun loving plant. Buyer will receive the plant in the photos or a similar one. Echeveria 'Brown Rose' Echeveria Brown Rose. Echeveria runyonii. The foliage has a powdery coating of natural wax (farina).. Echeveria need bright sunlight to maintain their colors and compact rosette form. There are 63 echeveria imbricata for sale on Etsy, and they cost $15.23 on average. Home. Contact the seller- opens in a new window or tab and request a shipping method to … Colours and sizes of succulents change drastically throughout the season due to maturity, temperature, … The leaves are rounded and grow in a flat form. Echeveria imbricata 'Blue Rose': One of our favorites with a perfect rosette shape. Succulents for Sale Sale Sale Sale. For any queries, feel free contact us via mail. Echeveria Imbricata (XL) Regular price $0.00 $24.99 Sale. Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Apr 5, 2019 - Home grown plants and succulent plant gifts from the West of Ireland. Tender soft succulent - will not tolerate frost. It has a branched arching inflorescence bearing clusters of red and yellow flowers in the spring and early summer. Price: £22.32 (Excluding VAT at 20%) Unit Description: 18 Plants / Rack. The … FOR SALE! The most common echeveria imbricata material is cotton. Echeveria 'Violet Queen' Price $7.50. Scientific Classification. A single plant forms a flat rosette of overlapping flat shield shaped leaves in silver blue with a slight pink edging in bright light. Family: Crassulaceae Subfamily: Sedoideae Tribe: Sedeae Subtribe: Sedinae Genus: Echeveria. Postage. Plant in full sun, even in hotter inland gardens, to part sun/light … Welcome to Succulent Delights. If plant size is not mentioned, available big plants will be shipped. At Young's we're all about gorgeous, colorful succulent plants! No surplus available. Excellent color for holiday wreaths, rock gardens and dish gardens. As “Blue Rose” grows, the older leaves towards the bottom of the stem dry up, with healthy, newer leaves forming at the top. No surplus available.

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