Dec 15 2009 | 3:11 pm. I think it depends on what you want to do. The album, the last with drummer Shawn Drover and guitarist Chris Broderick, has gone on to sell more than 80,000 copies in the US alone. While supercollider is only about a decade old. PureData versus SuperCollider versus MaxMSP (Why I do what I do with what I do) So I got an interesting couple of questions in the comments for the last post. It is comprehensive, to be sure, but its practitioners seem to be consumed with exploiting the unique capabilities of synthesized sound rather than creating music that has an emphasis on more traditional melody and/or harmony. I'm not aware of a VST wrapper for SuperCollider, but SC can respond to both MIDI and OSC data, so it shouldn't be too hard to hook up with your DAW. SwingOSC is an OpenSoundControl (OSC) server intended for scripting Java. SuperCollider is a softsynth. Sublime Text Supercollider package for Sublime Text 2; supercollider-tmbundle TextMate; sced a gedit plugin; scate a Kate plugin; scfront a Tcl/Tk frontend; GUI. Le frontal csound.js, conçu à l'origine pour PNaCl Csound, a été aussi porté dans WebAudio Csound, suite à l'obsolescence de ce portage de Csound. 1 of 2 Go to page. csound vs supercollider phase vocoder performance (too old to reply) Hector Centeno 2008-04-10 19:37:19 UTC. Previous message: [CsndTek] MultiFx Beta available; Next message: [CsndTek] rca mark II synth; Messages sorted by: On another list ( not the csoundtekno list, just a local thing ) there's been a discussion on supercollider vs csound. It provides a special support for real-time audio plug-in environments like VST, Audio-Units, LADSPA, LV2, etc. CSound has a soft synth as well as a scoring system. Not too many would attempt a complete track of anything other than an extremely experimental style using only csound. I am diving into Csound in an effort to gain more control over the creation and manipulation of sound. La version majeure de l'API de Csound est incrémentée à 2, ceci affectant aussi I think I should make a decision soon. I'm … csound would be a more appropriate discussion. I think a Supercollider v.s. It is free software, available under the LGPL. It is called Csound because it is written in C, as opposed to some of its predecessors. I find supercollider a heck of a lot funner, but at the same time, csound seems to be a better option in terms of power and variety. I can say I’ll probably mention SuperCollider, Csound, Common Lisp Music, Nyquist, and Common Music during the talk: and perhaps Incudine and OpusModus: But that’s a long list. are their best features for simple reason that the hands-on approach is more in keeping with the origin/spirit/method of creating electronic music. on Mac OSX, Linux and Windows. As far as composition is concerned, what does Supercollider have that csound doesn't? Csound vs. Supercollider vs. ChucK. GitHub is where people build software. It's funny - with dirt pedals, I am not nearly as careful. 16th June 2009, 11:14 . ChucK vs Max/MSP vs SuperCollider vs Pure Data vs Processing. Sorry. Stikoun Member. Csound is a domain-specific computer programming language for audio programming. To me, it takes a lot more to make a simple thing in csound than in supercollider. by groove merchant » 30 Mar 2004, 08:18, Post (1997). You can also use CSound as a VST instrument or effect. Csound est aussi disponible sous formes de Nodes indépendants, en plus de l'API originale CsoundObj. In certain respects, it is similar in function to other extant unit-generator-based software languages such as CSOUND, SuperCollider and (to a lesser extent) JSyn and Max/MSP-- they do share a common heritage, after all. littleNemo Posting Freak; Posts: 3,537 Threads: 95 Joined: Oct 2002 #1. I saw a documentary on the genre of techno, and one commentator said that the "techno-in-a-box" presets in modern DAWs are very bad for the music, and that it used to take days to … Like most MUSIC-N languages, Max distinguishes between two levels of time: that of an event scheduler, and that of the DSP (this corresponds to the distinction between k-rate and a-rate processes in Csound, and control rate vs. audio rate in SuperCollider). SuperCollider's amazing array of native and extended functionality is not immediately usable for live coding from the time of installation, but with some reusable scaffolding in place these features can be relatively easily leveraged. Nov 28, 2019 #1 I've been looking for a verb + delay combination pedal with MIDI and presets for too long. Csound is in effect throughout the album, mostly … Many domain-specific languages do not compile to byte-code or executable code, but to various kinds of media objects: GraphViz exports to PostScript, GIF, JPEG, etc., where Csound compiles to audio files, and a ray-tracing domain-specific language like POV compiles to graphics files. Ceci signifie que Csound 5.10 est incompatible avec les applications (frontaux, clients ou hôtes) construites pour Csound 5.08 et pour les versions antérieures qui utilisent la version 1.x de l'API. [CsndTek] Supercollider vs Csound Iain Duncan Fri, 21 Jun 2002 11:54:55 -0700. A pseudo-UGen is a bit of SuperCollider code that abbreviates a certain configuration of UGens that gets used repeatedly. Assuming you have SC up and running in front of you, open a new document (menu File!New, or shortcut [ctrl+N]) and type the followingline: 1 "HelloWorld".postln; Actually, the Wikipedia link to Music-N would probably be a good place to get going. I believe the coding aspect of PD, Csound, SuperCollider, etc. efe. Many artists use csound or SuperCollider for a few effects here and there that they can't obtain with more standard packages. I'd like to try a new environment for making music, mainly improv experiments, and these tools seem to be the main contenders. Specular Tempus vs Collider - anyone tried both? Csound seems to be the most mature program of the three. Next Last. Director Patty Jenkins discusses her upcoming Star Wars movie Rogue Squadron and what she's accomplished on the story ahead of filming. Hi, I've been using Csound for doing some realtime phase vocoder processing but I'm hitting a performance wall. CSound could be seen as the last of the "traditional" Music N languages, which focus mainly on sound synthesis, whereas ChucK and SuperCollider add flexible tools for composition as well. It was written before SC had cross-platform unification of GUI, and is now no longer maintained. Add Jitter and the percentage drops to about 20%. // Equivalent in SuperCollider for the following message sent to [vline~]: [1 1000 500, 0 1000 2500] EnvGen. Max (software)-Wikipedia But BT has done it, writing the entire opening track as a couple hundred pages of csound code. gosub on Feb 5, 2016. Post by JJarvis » Tue Jun 17, 2008 6:24 am I'm interested in getting into one of these text based languages but I don't really know which one would be best for my needs. ar (Env. For me it's the sweet spot between a modern programming language and a deep and performant synthesis/sequencing platform. Max (software)-Wikipedia More than 50 million people use GitHub to discover, fork, and contribute to over 100 million projects. new ([0, 0, 1, 1, 0], [0.5, 1, 1, 1])) // the pure data message means: // go to 1 in 1000ms but wait 500ms from the starting point, // then go to 0 in 1000ms but wait 2500 ms from the starting point: Env. either csound and supercolider are (d) and powerful enough for (b) & (c), but i'm interested if one of them performs better for (a). Faust can also be used to easily create standalone applications and unit generators for a broad array of platforms: PureData, SuperCollider, MaxMSP, CSOUND, etc. From what I understand one major difference is that you can dynamically change the signal path in SC, csound does not allow you to make any runtime changes. I ask because I really want to switch from csound to supercollider. SuperCollider is a platform for audio synthesis and algorithmic composition, used by musicians, artists, and researchers working with sound. Like most MUSIC-N languages, Max distinguishes between two levels of time: that of an event scheduler, and that of the DSP (this corresponds to the distinction between k-rate and a-rate processes in Csound, and control rate vs. audio rate in SuperCollider). SUPER COLLIDER. Introduction to the new SuperCollider and its new IDE. However, SuperCollider can easily listen to MIDI or OSC so that's one part of the problem sorted. Pseudo-UGens. I've been trying to work it around by using two computers but I was wondering if SuperCollider would maybe be a better option for realtime processing. Thread starter Stikoun; Start date Nov 28, 2019; 1; 2; Next. well, i've been on csound for quite a long while, but heard about supercollider too much, and finally i have to decide is it worth to give it a try :) -- sex, bike, open source! Go. CSound which is older, is more non real time oriented, and whose syntax seems a lot less attractive or powerful, is much much better integrated with VST plugins and DAWs. It is written in C/C++, and is distributed open-source, free of charge. SuperCollider is an environment and programming language originally released in 1996 by James McCartney for real-time audio synthesis and algorithmic composition.. Share. Csound vs. Supercollider vs. ChucK. Billboard 200 - #6, 2013 Megadeth's highest-charting US album in almost 20 years, 2013's Super Collider was the group's foray into arena rock, featuring a more commercial sound than much of the band's previous output. A Gentle Introduction to SuperCollider Bruno Ruviaro November 20, 2015 PartI BASICS 1 HelloWorld Ready for creating your first SuperCollider program? Can anyone suggest how to choose which one to invest some time in? Discussion of music production, audio, equipment and any related topics, either with or without Ableton Live. This and the relative CPU inefficiency are why I switched back to csound. Quick look at some similarities and differences between SuperCollider and Processing. Other Systems . Permalink. RTcmix is a real-time software "language" for doing digital sound synthesis and signal-processing. iotic: "Anyway not to put you off, SuperCollider is amazingly powerful and great for things like granular synthesis.It's mainly the programming style of working out what's in a constant loop, what gets fired once etc, which I find annoying." SuperCollider's UGens are stable and well-tested, and custom UGens are best viewed as a last resort for when the limitations of SC are impassable. 27 posts Previous; 1; 2; chapelier fou Posts: 5253 Joined: Mon May 15, 2006 12:15 pm. I'm interested in taking a closer look at one of Sonic Pi, Supercollider, WavePot, Chuck, CSound etc. Chuck seems to be a newer language that is simple enough to get going in. Pure Data vs. Max/MSP vs. SuperCollider. Messages 412. Csound can also be implemented into some DAWs and is available for both Windows and Mac users. Supercollider vs. Csound vs. ChucK vs. Kyma Post by fisherking111 » Fri Oct 11, 2013 5:54 pm I've been teaching myself the basics of supercollider and csound lately. Before we proceed to the real UGens, we'll take a quick detour for the sake of completeness. Since then it has been evolving into a system used and further developed by both scientists and artists working with sound. For more information and to download Csound click HERE. Having some experience with Overtone would certainly be useful. For the audio side, I'm using JackRouter and it works a treat even with a very small ( 64 sample ) audio buffer. Both are programming languages, boch are Free Open Source Software (FOSS), and both come with an IDE. SuperCollider vs Processing. I am a SuperCollider fan, too.

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