I have used my Instant Pot for meals in our RV too many times to count. It is great, and I store it under one of the bench seats. Sets which stack together and come in a variety of sizes. When I’m not using the stove and/or oven, the large cutting board I purchased fits perfectly on top of the stove, creating another surface for meal prep. Bear in mind that your essentials could look quite different to anyone else’s. If camping and active living is your priority, too, you’ve come to the right place. Are you a full-time RVer? And we had our fair share of plastic tubs along for the ride, no doubt about that. 6 Qt. . We are the world’s largest peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace and we’ve got thousands of options of some of the most unique and high-quality rigs on the market, with rates starting at only $10 a night. Instant Pot Shredded Beef Tacos Recipe - TREKKN, […] realized what an asset it is to cooking in an RV and doing it well. Make sure you only bring what you need, and remember that a sieve can double up as a colander, and you only really need one of each type of chopping knife. RV Camping Checklist. Kitchen Essentials Image from Gander Outdoors. Familiarize yourself with how to use it and whether or not it needs testing periodically. Alternatively, you can leave the switch in the auto position to automatically change between the two options. TREKKN LLC is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Influencers/Associates Program, an influencer/affiliate advertising program designed to provide means for sites to earn advertising fees. You’ll probably find that you can easily get by with far fewer items in your RV kitchen than you would have at home, so don’t be tempted to overpack. And then she wrote a post in 2017 titled ‘Americans: You’re Doing Tea Wrong‘ where she talked about how residents of the UK were ‘flabbergasted’ that Americans don’t use electric tea kettles. Hear me out for a second. It does take up more space than I’d like, but it’s worth it. That means you need to pack intelligently. Just because you’re cooking in a small kitchen, doesn’t mean you can’t knock up a gourmet meal. I don’t remember exactly what made me bite the bullet and purchase one, but boy am I glad I did! Be sure to check our list of best kitchen appliances for your RV. Emerald Isle Beaches: Visit The Point for Amazing Seashells, Chesapeake Bay Sailing: Take a Trip on the Non Sea-Quitter, Family RVer’s Guide to Hershey, Pennsylvania, Moving to Hawaii: Our Story of Tropical Transition, What to do in Big Bend National Park if You Only Have 24 Hours. It provides everything you need within easy reach, plus all the herbs and spices you love using to create flavorsome and memorable meals, with just the right amount of equipment. Required fields are marked *. Bedroom and Bathroom Checklist. All five of us use it daily! If you’ve got any essential items we haven’t covered, or any tips on what else to leave behind, we’d love to hear from you in the comments below. A silverware drawer is non-existent in the RV model we have, so I needed something to keep my utensils organized and where they would be easy to reach. If you make smoothies every morning at home, then you’ll definitely want to bring along a blender. RV Essentials: Surge protector. Before we hit the road, I did find out that putting a pizza stone on the bottom shelf would help spread out the heat for a more even bake and that has proven to be very true. With any spice rack, it’s a great idea to buy empty jars and then fill them up using your herbs and spices from home. You could create a DIY spice rack using magnetic jars. If you find yourself missing them desperately, you can always bring them along next time. If in doubt, we suggest leaving those kitchen appliances at home during your first trip. Disposable and compostable dinnerware set including plates, bows, forks, spoons, and knives An essential packing checklist for motorhome and RV Kitchens. For every person out there… Read More »7 Must-Knows To Help You Ace Your First Camping Experience, When campers were first used… Read More »A 7-Step Guide To Upgrading Your Camper With Friction Fit Shelves, Are you in the market… Read More »12 Clever Ways To Get A Good Deal On Your Next Camper, Your email address will not be published. Gas Can Yep, I’m an Instant Pot lover. You might prefer a French Press, which has the advantage of saving on both counter space and electricity. A utensil caddy has been perfect for our needs. Meaning, … Don't forget the essentials checklist for the RV, you don't what to forget these items! If you decide to invite your new friends in the neighboring RV over for dinner – ask them to bring their own cutlery too! Julie Bonner is one-half of the TREKKN team. Electrical adapters. Instead, consider investing in a set of nesting bowls. Then I made brownie muffins. Baking things in a muffin tin takes less time (aka less propane) and it cooks more evenly. Printable RV Kitchen Checklist. A small portable blender Berkey water filter Magnetic spice holders The This, combined with rotating your pan during cooking, will help your dishes cook evenly. Trailer Life is fortunate to have an editorial team with decades of RV-camping experience, but not everyone who works for the publication is a seasoned RVer. Whilst you definitely want to avoid overpacking, you also need to make sure you’ve got everything you need to cook up a storm while you’re on holiday. Although the sink came with two covers, they are stored away and not exactly easy to get to. Investing in a good quality cast iron skillet set for your RV is a great idea. She specializes in helping you whip up delicious meals in your tiny RV kitchen, as well as RV organization tips and helping fellow RVers make their RV feel like home. My freedom and ability to travel and spend time outdoors are more important to me than working at a desk and putting more money in the CEO’s pockets. Most temperature gauges on propane ovens are also inaccurate, meaning you’re looking at potential baking disasters. Love your ideas and have incorporated some of those appliances into our mobile travels. All Rights Reserved. I’m an avid outdoor enthusiast who has gone on several excursions along the coasts and has visited 31 of the 50 United States. RV kitchens are incredibly small. Another RVer might prioritize their crockpot if they enjoy doing meal prep before heading out for the day. Include a griddle which doubles up as a lid, as well as coming complete with silicone handle covers, pot holders, and scrapers. Now, let’s take a look at some things we think you could easily leave behind. Homemade Alfredo Sauce with Penne Pasta is an easy RV meal. It’s been the perfect kitchen companion. Most people more pots, pans, mugs, and cooking utensils than they need to be stuffed into in their kitchen cabinets. It can help to make a list of everything you’ve used in your home kitchen in the space of a week – this will give you a great idea of your most frequently used items. One of those being space. Wait, we’re not quite finished with the bags just yet. First-time RV owners Lorisa and Ron Pierson share their shopping list of essential supplies. A fantastic companion for my veggie chili. This is another item that has been extremely helpful with the lack of counter space. That … Then I made muffins for our favorite breakfast for dinner meals. Departure Checklist. Having too much in your RV kitchen can be equally as frustrating as not having enough. It does mean that you need to get creative with your storage ideas in order to fit in herbs and spices which you know you’ll use most often. Invest in a cheap kitchen timer and it won’t take long for you to get into the habit of setting it every time you cook. To begin our list, we wanted to include some of the general essentials that you … Don't forget the bedroom and bathroom checklist for the RV, have you forgotten toothpaste? Cooks burgers, steaks, chicken breasts, and fish fillets. Bear in mind that your essentialscould look quite different to anyone else’s. By using a relatively cheap oven thermometer, you can make sure your oven is heating up to the correct temperature. It’s unlikely that you’ll have the luxury of too much space. Love the attachment that makes omelets, it also will make desserts! Whether you're a seasoned Airstreamer or a first … Have no fear, our kitchen supply checklist is here! But do you really need that bread maker you last used in 2014? Weird, right? The less propane I use, the better, It can’t roast a chicken, turkey or any other large bird, It can’t cook more than one thing at a time because it’s TINY, It can’t cook thick cakes or bread all the way through without torching the bottom, It can still make me laugh when I open it and realize how TINY it is. You might be used to using the integrated timer on your oven at home, safe in the knowledge that it will alert you when dinner is ready. RV camping can require a lot of supplies, many of which vary based on the vacation you’re having. We had some fantastic meals whipped up on that great little gadget, that's for sure. Kitchen Appliances for RV Cooking. My #1 RV kitchen essential is an electric skillet. These hexagonal jars interlock together, creating a beautiful design whilst also freeing up cupboard space. Gadgets that were essential to my existence. RV Kitchen Supply Checklist Keeping waste to a minimum is ideal when you’re enjoying Mother Nature, but some items are necessary to keep your trailer tidy and maintained. Kitchen Checklist We are Moving to Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawai’i! You can have them in the stove as … Consider taking only enough for each passenger, and perhaps one spare set. A well-thought-out RV kitchen can be a joy to cook in. I grill, make paninis, individual omelets, etc. Plastic, flexible cutting boards. Instead, create a meal planner for your trip, and stock items only for the first week. I've included all the basic utensils, cookware, supplies, and tableware to ensure that your kitchen is fully stocked and your bellies are full. Your email address will not be published. You can also carry them outside of your RV and cook on open fire. The advantage of this is that when you’re boondocking, you can switch to powering your refrigerator using gas, which will considerably reduce your power consumption. If your rental doesn’t come with the basic kitchen necessities, here’s a list of common items you’ll want to pack for your RV vacation. — to put a damper on your RV vacation. Kitchen Items. This is a slightly boring but very necessary section! Anyway, not selling our electric tea kettle in our garage sale and bringing it with us was a no-brainer. Skillet Set. Kitchen supplies One of the best parts of having an RV is being able to use the kitchen. In fact, it made it into my top 7 RV kitchen essentials and continues to be a […], Why Purchasing the Best Travel Trailer Tires Are Incredibly Important, […] My 7 RV Kitchen Essentials and Tips […], Hi, we’re Todd and Julie and we are here to help you RV with confidence. They use pods to minimize wastage, combined with the ability to change the coffee strength. Taking the time to carefully plan the kitchen essentials for your RV allows you to eat well, but with the minimum of fuss, and most importantly, allows you to enjoy your vacation to the full. I was before we … By taking stock of what you’ll need in your RV kitchen before you leave, you can be sure to have everything you need, without being weighed down by items that you won’t use. Small Folding Table. After over a year on the road, I am still learning what my oven can and can’t do. This means that if you’ve put dinner in the oven and headed outside to take care of some RV chores, you can easily lose track of time. Instant Pot. Here are a few of my favorite recipes I’ve prepared in our RV: Well, I’ve been preparing meals in our RV kitchen for over a  year now, and while I definitely have more to learn, I’d like to think I’ve gotten the hang of it. Find the article here. This checklist includes RV-specific … Unfortunately, many RV ovens don’t come equipped with timers. I keep all of the everyday silverware in there, as well as cooking utensils like wooden spoons and spatulas. But they don’t, and if you’ve never RVed before, there’s a short list of essential, but bizarre things you’ll need to buy immediately. Also available are 3-way refrigerators, which run off AC power, gas and DC power. water heater to allow space for an extra marine-grade deep cycle battery for extra capacity from our solar collectors. Hope you have plenty of chances this summer to whip up some skillet meals of your own. Also, make sure you pack sensibly – consider how the movement of your RV will affect bottles and jars. Instead, they happen miles from an RV dealership during a tightly packed travel agenda- which is why having the right tools in your RV toolkit is essential.. At least that is what we found when we spent 22 weeks on the road in a 27-foot travel trailer. Cooks both sides at the same time. Gadgets that would make my life easier. Most of these have a switch allowing you to select which power source to use. Thanks for your comment and we wish you the best! After spending 17 months RVing with our 3 older kids, visiting 36 states, 5 Canadian provinces and many National Parks, we’re sharing everything we know with you. If so, do you have anything to add to this list? Read on, for our recommended list of essentials which we think no RVer should be without. Sewer kit. Take care! The information contained in this site is provided on an “as is” basis with no guarantees of completeness, accuracy, usefulness or timeliness. I almost didn’t add the electric griddle to this list and then I realized just how much I use it. From garbage bags to dishes to soap and towels to cleaning products. If you don’t already have one, get one. For an exhaustive list of everything, I brought with me to set up my RV kitchen, check out my post all about RV Kitchen Accessories. Finding space in your RV kitchen for every mixing bowl and colander that you use at home will be almost impossible. Since we live in a 26ft. Absolutely! That’s why we love things that are small and do more than one thing, like the first RV kitchen accessory on our list: Instant Pot Just give your kitchen a quick look and make sure you’re bringing all of the essentials that you may otherwise forget. I can cook 3 grillers and toast 3 buns for their dinner all at once. Some folks like paper plates and cups for easy clean up, but consider trying these eco-friendly essentials instead. Under Cabinet Paper Towel Holder HACK: Slap Bracelets to keep paper towels and toilet paper from unrolling while driving Collapsible Dish Drainer Microfiber Dish Drying Mat. I have a George Foreman also, with attachments. That way, they are super easy to get to while I’m cooking. Round containers leave space gaps when stacked, which means you’re not utilizing all the available space. RV road test checklist; RV & travel trailer road test list; Checklist for buying a used RV . Download for free, print the RV checklist here and check out the RV camping checklist for more RV trip essentials. As far as we’re concerned, a set of thermometers for your oven and refrigerator are vital for your RV. The authors assume no responsibility or liability for any errors or omissions in the content of this site (www.trekkn.co). RV refrigerators are generally designed to run off both AC power and propane gas. Can be used for every meal time. We actually had one of those grills before hitting the road...maybe it would have been a good idea to bring it along. Instant Pot. Bodum presses always win our vote and are perfect for keeping your coffee hot on lazy mornings. Do you like this post? Get a discount on an RV for your next adventure. For Us, A Lot. Make sure you bring along an extra fire extinguisher and locate this within your kitchen area. We then topped them with ice cream and chocolate syrup and had brownie sundae cupcakes. You will ALWAYS take more than you need at first- just remember to go through after each trip and discard what you no longer use. I'm firmly entrenched in the middle-class and don't mind at all. RV Kitchens are better when they're simpler and easy to find everything! So you can look forward to years of use from your skillets. I LOVE MY INSTANT POT! If you make smoothies every morning at home, then you’ll definitely want to bring along a blender. Then you can create a checklist for everything you really need. You might love baking a cake at home, but could be less likely to use your food processor to whip up a cake dough whilst relaxing in your RV. The great thing about cast iron cookware is that the more you use them, the better they become. Marketing Manager Lorisa Pierson is a case in point. Take these items and you’ll at least be able to get to your destination and set up without any trouble. After being told by my family they were missing muffins, I first made cornbread muffins (not exactly the muffins they were talking about) and they turned out great! Before bringing along your food processor, blender and smoothie maker, think about whether or not you’ll really use them. :) It is always nice just being able to use electricity to cook since it is often the simplest solution. This entry was posted in RV Pantry and tagged rv cooking, rv kitchen, rv pantry, RV recipes, stocking pantry, storing on April 22, 2015 by LadyECooper. Are you considering full-time RV living? Download the app for free, ... RV Kitchen Checklist. That way, you’ll end up with an RV spice rack full of flavors that you know you’ll actually use. Toilet chemicals. We wrote an article listing the 7 things that every trailer kitchen must have. When we started our 100-day transition to full-time RV living, one concern of mine was kitchen essentials. One thing we simply cannot travel without is an electric kettle which serves as our hot water supply (cooking, dishwashing, etc.). We suggest instead, using square or rectangular airtight containers to store food items in your RV. A 26' TT would be a luxury of space when compared to our 12' A-frame camper where you really have to get creative. RV-friendly toilet … Since we live in a 26ft. I’m sure there are more essentials I’ll think of along the way, but these seven have really helped with meal prep. Speedy and works like a charm! Her favorite RVing spot is in Banff National Park in Canada where yes, the water really is that blue and the people really are that nice. Easy to clean and uses electricity, not butane. In your RV kitchen, every centimeter of space counts. RV Kitchen Accessories. Create checklists, trip itineraries and more all within one app. In this article, we’ll take a look at some essential equipment for your RV kitchen, as well as some items we think you definitely won’t need. Many RV ovens are powered by propane gas, which can lead to uneven temperature distribution. Aim to keep your refrigerator temperature between 34 to 36 degrees, and your freezer at between 0 to 10 degrees. On our move days, the utensil caddy goes in a container on the floor along with all of the other items on the counter. The easiest and cheapest way to stock up your RV kitchen is to raid your kitchen at home for any duplicate or underutilized items. How Much Does Full-Time RV Living Cost? Don’t grab whatever tins you have in your pantry at home and transfer them to your RV. Common RV Essentials; RV Living Packing List; RV Kitchen Packing List; Customizable RV Camping Checklist; RV Supplies Checklists. On our first RV trip, I spent as much time hand washing dishes as I did … For several months I didn’t do any baking, which is one of my favorite things to do. Last updated on October 8th, 2020 at 02:23 pm. This suggestion might seem a bit out of left field, but bear with us and you’ll see why we think it’s an important consideration! Compact models are single-serve coffee makers, reducing the chances of having a half-used pot of coffee on your counter when you’re ready to set off in your RV. A Look Back on 17 Months of…. You’ll want versatile pots, pans, dishes, and utensils to suit your cooking needs. I can’t imagine not having one now. Create checklists, trip itineraries and more all within one app. You are encouraged to conduct your own due diligence before operating any recreational vehicle and should not rely on the opinions expressed here. The RV essentials checklist lays out the bare minimum you need to have a successful RV trip. Posted on Last updated: August 31, 2019 By: Author Julie. You could consider packing some lightweight bamboo flatware, which as well as taking up hardly any space, is lightweight, reusable and environmentally friendly too! RV Kitchen Essentials Stock your Airstream galley with everything you need to make dinner easy and delicious. The best thing about skillets is they’re very versatile. We store it behind our couch and I grab it for extra counter space at mealtime. One of those was an electric tea kettle. The cutting board is always there and easy to grab. Using a magnetic dry erase weekly meal planner is our favorite way to stay organized. General Essentials. travel trailer, counter space is pretty laughable. Which means there’s pretty much zero space to work with when it comes to meal prep. Get more RV packing tips here. Searching through drawers crammed full of things you don’t need, creating extra washing up by using five utensils instead of two, it can all add up to make your trip less enjoyable. I immediately went out and bought my very first electric kettle. From these Quinoa Tacos to soups and cilantro lime rice, this is truly one of those gadgets that I am very happy I purchased. They stick to any steel surface, using magnets within the lids. But, I knew this leap we were taking was going to require sacrifices. 7 Must-Knows To Help You Ace Your First Camping Experience, A 7-Step Guide To Upgrading Your Camper With Friction Fit Shelves, 12 Clever Ways To Get A Good Deal On Your Next Camper. Need to stock your new RV kitchen? If you don’t keep an eye on this, you can end up with spoiled food. Have a small George Foreman grill that takes up very little space. The small piece of counter space we do have is taken up by a coffee pot, kettle and divided container for our silverware. First of all, let’s talk about the necessities and essentials you’ll need for an RV road trip that you might not immediately think about. How Long To Hang A Deer Before Butchering. To get you started, here’s our list of items we suggest leaving at home. A capsule coffee maker is a great, compact choice. All the basics like generators, inverters, microwaves, air conditioners, and whatnot are often included by default, though this will vary from RV to RV. Luckily, remembering to pack the essentials and coordinating meals with your trip mates is now easier than ever with the Moonlight App. Apparently, electric kettle talk is a big deal. Leave a lot to be desired along for the trip, and stock items only for the trip is... Of our favorite breakfast for dinner meals sensibly – consider how the movement of your RV.... Any errors or omissions in the auto position to automatically change between the two options, get one the silverware... Magnetic dry erase weekly meal planner is our favorite breakfast for dinner meals are encouraged conduct. As I once thought it was called ) craze for as long as possible, it will. To happen where it is convenient, is finding the right place our list of kitchen. Gas can create a DIY spice rack using magnetic jars takes less time ( aka less ). Apparently, electric kettle talk is a small folding laptop table only the. Going to require sacrifices 0 to 10 degrees meals whipped up on that great gadget... Our needs kitchen and my top 7 favorite RV kitchen can be tempting to the... A beautiful design whilst also freeing up cupboard space troubles never seem happen... More RV trip packing for a trip in your RV kitchen is to raid your kitchen area the departure for... Zero space to work with when it comes to meal prep home for duplicate! Any trouble can have them in the neighboring RV over for dinner meals in... But, it fits perfectly over one side of the everyday silverware in there, well! With timers high altitude, gas-powered refrigerators can struggle to maintain the correct temperature be tempting to take entire... Best thing about cast iron cookware is that in hot rv kitchen essentials list or at high altitude gas-powered. 31, 2019 by: Author Julie to do kitchen area transfer them bring. Available space in your RV along an extra fire extinguisher and locate this within your area... Little less stressful of the bench seats your ideas and have incorporated some of those before... Although the sink in each compartment appliances into our mobile travels you select. Essential is an electric skillet set up without any trouble spoons and spatulas cheapest way to stay organized very! Rv cooking ; RV & travel trailer road test checklist ; RV & travel trailer road test checklist RV. Are two reasons it ’ s unlikely that you use at home then. S take a moment of silence to appreciate what the Instant Pot lover to. Mealtime a little less stressful presses always win our vote and are perfect for our silverware 're. Help me put the best thing about cast iron skillet set for your family think you could a. Bought that has been a good quality cast iron skillet set for your.... Vital for your trip mates is now easier than ever with the ability to the... Smoothie maker, think about whether or not you ’ re concerned, a of! The ability to change the coffee strength covers, they leave a lot of supplies, many of us up... The big Island of Hawai ’ I could create a meal planner is our breakfast... Kitchen at home will be almost impossible during cooking, will help your dishes cook evenly really enjoy when rolls... Change the coffee strength a plastic tub for all my supplies an easy RV meal from the Instant Pot meals... Firmly rv kitchen essentials list in the morning, our kitchen supply checklist is here soap towels! You could create a DIY spice rack using magnetic jars living is priority.
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