More secure bean bags use double zipper systems that ensure the bean bag cover does not gradually slide open. Side note I am 5'4 and on the heavier side. The Lumaland – Luxury Bean Bag Chair ranked highest for comfort with all but one of our testers, plus it has an easy-to-remove cover and no odor. The Fugu, like the other foam bean bags, came with its foam filling in a polyester inner lining that is then placed within an outer cover. Other than the lack of stuffing they are ok. There are some eyelets for ventilation and overall it just feels like a good quality product. Love it! Our testers detected foam chunks even after four weeks of intense use. When I sit in it I sink almost to the floor. She's two and loves to jump on it. We really like it. It's literally the size of Wisconsin. Really big. Thank-you. During this period we sat, fluffed and flipped over bean bags multiple times to ensure foam was completely expanded before comfort testing. 66 $325.22 $325.22 This odor was most likely due to the fact that the bean bag’s foam exploded from its package while it was being shipped. Once expanded to full size its about 60 inches wide and the height is about 30-35 inches. Every friend that has come over has been in love and talked about buying one. I contacted the company with questions. Outside Material Options: Each Chill Sack has 8 - 25 different color options to choose from. Do not sit/ lay in these if you have to be productive. Kinda sick of the bed now. My furniture is Olive Green so we ordered a Orange color Bean bag. Just follow the instructions to get the compressed filling material to expand, as it comes tightly bundled for shipment. This bean bag chair is much bigger than I originally expected. 3-Year Unconditional Warranty, 30-Day Money Back Guarantee, Huge sale and FREE shipping ends in 888-343-2979. We bought this due to all the high reviews and with how comfy everyone said it was. 2.) Buy it only if you have house at least 5000 sqft and huge rooms! No lie, but nail polish remover, bleach, vinegar cleaner, rubbing alcohol, etc., Couldn't get the red dye off of the walls and floor. This beanbag came in last week and cured my depression. Lumaland stood out because of its shredded foam filling and quality microsuede cover. The instructions said to let it sit and expand for a few days, but I ended up using it the same night I received it. None of our reviews are sponsored. But order the extra fill with it... you will want it. ... With over 900 rave reviews, this bean bag chair is an Amazon favorite. A fairly comfortable beanbag all things considered, though it hardly holds it's form as displayed in the photograph. I'm a 200 lb male and can sit in it without hitting the floor which is good, and the kids absolutely love it! I ditched my old recliner and now I relax in total comfort with this bean bag! The product is also lumpy and not entirely comfortable. Being that I have very little patience, I wanted to unpack it and use it right I brought it over to my moms house. The bean bag is very large and comfortable, and only took around 24 hours to reach full size after rolling it and fluffing it up quite a lot, and I now enjoy it greatly. Also, the Big Joe comes equipped with a drink holder and side pocket that could be useful for gamers. Some were able to reconcile this with buying more fill, but others found that sagging was too much of an issue and were unable to get comfortable. Ordered this for Christmas. Overall, I would recommend buying this product because it is very comfortable and a good price range. The reviews are pretty accurate. I bought 2 not even 10 days ago and repent. But this bag is super comfy and it looks great. Add some fun to your basement hangout, dorm room, or bedroom with this super comfy bean bag chair! Overall the Sofa Sack’s cover quality was good, with tough zippers and microsuede material. "The quality is excellent and very stylish to wear both working out or just out and about," one reviewer wrote. The recommended cleaning method for the bean bag chair is to spot clean with a mix of water and detergent. See how it all works here. This bean bag chair also had a tendency to fill up with air, and then decompress when sat on. He looks nothing like the picture when he sits on it. As soon as you open it you can see it growing and growing. The kids love it, but I'm not a huge fan. Two, overly large, grown adults and one regular sized 5 yr old can all be on it without anyone's butts hitting the hard floor. Product is great. Good for lying on, less good for attempting to sit up in. Comfy bean bag chair, very close to the pictures. This chair is really comfy for one person to sit by the TV or play a game. I don't know how to return it if it won't fit in the box...carefully consider how much space you have because our house is not small. This bean bag is safe for small children because it does not use chokable EPS beads and has a secure inner bag of foam. Follow the directions and the foam expands fairly quickly. Unlock The Coupons. I would rotate and fluff it up and allow it to breathe without the heavy cover on and with the zipper open when sitting. If you live on a 4th floor walk-up that's something you definitely want to consider when ordering. If you purchase one of these, get the extra foam. So comfy! Lower from 3 stars to 1 star. DO NOT buy extra foam as there is no way to add it. Not half as big as the picture shows. This polyester sleep sack from the popular brand Halo will keep little ones nice and snug on a cold winter's night. It has become his new bed. This is awesome! Just received our Blue Chill Sack, thing looks like a huge blob in our living room. I got a dud. The primary job of a bean bag is to be comfortable. My best advice is when it arrives, get the cover out and open, move the compressed package into the cover and open it (to remove outer wrap) inside the cover to reduce the amount of possible mess. Comfy but it is a little lumpy. "That's not a bean bag; it's a love seat! We especially like the pebble fabric covers as they look and feels nicer than the micro fiber cover. We had no problems with the odor that some have mentioned when we unpacked the bag, though it was VERY difficult to unzip the container. When pressed, Chill Sack runs five feet by five feet, contouring to your shape to give you a supportive, yet comfortable and sinking feeling all at the same time. If you have a very tight budget, Ultimate Sack is your safest bet. It is exactly the size the description says and once it's fully expanded it fits two adults comfortably. This bag chair is HUGE!!!! Cover is super comfy. Comfortable, but after hours of fluffing, it's nowhere near as full as the photos look. Followed manufacturer directions for letting the memory foam expand. Zippered cover can be removed easy for washing. Product is great. We are not doctors -- if you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor.The makers of Slumber Search also make affiliate commissions from some of these manufacturers to keep the site running. ( No worries your giggle factor will increase each time). Removable bean bag covers use zippers, therefore zipper quality is very important to the overall removability of the cover. Get The Best Holiday 2020 Online Bean Bags Deals! The box it arrives in is misleadingly small. While there was a good amount of beads inside the bag, our testers did not find these beads as comfortable as in other kid’s bean bags. Though this was technically our fault, the foam inside this bean bag was very hard to break apart during assembly. Fugu’s confusing return process and quality issues were a pain. The Lumaland is our most comfortable bean bag chair with quality foam filling and microsuede cover. Once out of the nylon bag, I pulled off all the plastic wrap then rolled it into the bean bag cover and zipped it up. We both fit on it and our dogs love to cuddle us in it as well. Overnight, the bean bag chair probably tripled in volume. It is gigantic though I have it in a large family room with vaulted ceiling and it is noticeable biggest object in the room even next to our Christmas tree. But my kids love it! Because of its five foot diameter and foam filling, this bean bag is very difficult to move. With these reviews and some of the best coupons and deals, you'll be able to learn more about which bean bag chairs will work for you and which ones you may want to avoid. It's never busted a seam or ruptured and is as good today as it was the day we got it. My dog is all over this things and has some long nails and has put holes in both our couches but this has really held up with him and he is on it every day.Given the choice, I would definitely buy it again. Now remember I said I got this for MY house, but unpacked it at my moms while house sitting?? In general customers are extremely happy with the affordable price of this bean bag chair, as well as its giant size. It was still very spacious and comfortable. They specialize in traditional bean bag chair designs with foam instead of firmer micro-beads. This 5-footer was the perfect choice. We tested bean bags with microsuede, cotton, vinyl and polyester coverings — all durable materials that minimize tearing and bleaching. However, you may want to buy extra EPS bead filling to give your kids extra comfort. But if you get one like I received today, maybe the dog will appreciate it. The red is gorgeous! Your Best Digs saves you time and money with reviews of the products you need. We've tried the rotate and fluff method (daily), but it never improved. It's one of the favorite sitting spots now and everyone loves it! It grew during dinner time and then the 3 of us had to find a way to get it across the house and upstairs to the spare room for its final resting place. Nothing like that with the black. It flattens a lot and does not puff but up after laying on it for 1/2 a day. Love it, I got the 5 foot in Red. It was worth it. The outer cover is not removable and is hard to spot clean because the polyester material absorbs liquids and odors. It took about a day for the chair to reach full size but when it did, he loved it. On the other hand, Lovesac is quite a premium brand. They are comfy and a favorite spot to chill or crash when you are too tired to go home. The outside bag is a thick material with a very sturdy zipper and has a cover to hide the zipper. Best Bean Bag Chairs Reviews. the seam of the container exploded and out came the bean bag. We had zero problems, the instructions were clear and it was puffed up and ready to go by the next morning. I prefer chill bag over my couch . I can deal with those things because they are resolving but there doesn't seem to be enough stuffing to keep you from hitting the ground if you don't fluff it frequently. Your product will not look like the image. Chill Sack is one of the more popular bean bag chair makers on Amazon and larger Internet retailers. Can't believe they charge this much for a product of this quality. Update: I LOVE IT!!! I’m giving this 5 Stars do to quality of construction, very well made, has memory foam inside another bag so you can easily remove foam bag to wash outside bag when needed. I think she actually spends more time sleeping here then in her actual bed. Most bean bag chairs on here were upwards of 200 to 300 bucks for anything decent so I went with this one. It takes a little time, but once it is expanded , you have a very large comfortable place to lounge. It looks literally half full and When we sit on the bag you sink to the floor. Arrived quickly. It's not even that cheap for what I am getting...a flat bag. It is important to note that there is not one bean bag chair that is the best for everyone. Bought this for my 13 year old son as a Christmas gift and he absolutely loves it! If you put it against a wall or in a corner this effect is lessened, but it usually ends up more of a pancake than a sphere. It's more like a giant mushy bed. I read in other reviews that it was important to do this immediately, so I did. We just received the extra foam today, installed it and we could really tell a difference in the support. All our sacks are crafted right here in the United States; with shredded Comfy Foam ™ , many colors to choose from & can save you over $600 when compared against a comparable Lovesac. Also synthetic fur or 'pebble' options are available for an extra fee in some sizes. Half of the bean bags we tested had removable covers that we washed in a washing machine. This cover is a breeze to machine wash because removing and replacing it on the bean bag is simple. At 32” wide this bean bag is a good size for kids 12 years old and younger, but does not deliver on quality and comfort. Keep that in mind when purchasing this product. I haven't given a full five stars until it is done decompressing and reaches it full size. We had a similar bag from Sam's Club we were trying to replace. Very disappointed. In reality, it just feels like a bunch of lumps of garbage foam that condense to one end leaving me sitting about 6 inches off the ground. Wish it was thicker than it is. Below, we'll go through the details of their bean bag chairs and discuss what customers are saying about them. Very disappointed and would recommend for price and lasting of the squishyness. Took about a day to reach its full size. I don't know if it's the type of fill or the quantity, but fairly disappointed. There are a lot of mixed reviews. It's not the most grown-up beautiful piece of furniture, but not terrible either. Where Slumber Search discusses medical ailments, we strive to ensure the information on this site is accurate, current and useful, however, we do not warrant the accuracy or completeness of any information related to medicine. great quality, but beware it’s just a bean bag, My favorite and most fun piece of furniture, It is very comfortable. It’s also the most comfortable thing and hard to get out of - not physically, though it maybe for some, but you don’t want to get out of it. Our favorite bean bag chair for kids, the Big Joe – Dorm Bean Bag Chair is under three feet wide and fits a variety of ages from children to teens. Still, I stuck by it, and I'm glad I did. Works fine for the kids as they are light. We also read subreddits such as /r/furniture/, where consumers discussed which bean bag chairs had proved to be good purchases. I fluff it up each time before I lay in it, haven't slept like this since I was a baby! This bean bag chair’s best aspect was its tough vinyl cover, which was very easy to spot clean. If you have the room they are great casual seating - especially for the kids! My comfy sack is now very fluffy and comfortable and I am extremely satisfied. Please do yourself a favor and don't get it!!! This was a Christmas present for our 13 yr old son. I will order another for my son if and when this maintains its pure awesomeness!! Overall, this thing is great. However, the majority of our testers noted that the ECR4Kids – Classic felt like it needed more beads than it came with. My 4 kids love it and spent the morning jumping into it. Perfect size and a true red. The whole family, including my 6 ft 200lb hubby have all been sitting in it. It was a little dusty while fluffing, and fluffing required some pulling and punching to separate the foam. I might order the extra foam. 4. Toss it in your barn, den, or living room, and listen for the tell-tale shouts of, “I call the bean bag chair!” Compare our 8 ft Chill Sack to the BigOne from Lovesac and you’ll see how we stack up. I purchased this chair for my kids to have a comfy spot to read. We tested durability, washed the covers and researched safety of filling materials and in the end, found the Lumaland – Luxury Bean Bag Chair to be the best bean bag chair. But the filling is lumpy. Just not living up to my expectations. Bean bags are made of a variety of materials, including microfiber and recently, memory foam. Next thing I know the next day it was twice it's size! Overall I am still glad I bought it and have taken many naps on this while watching TV with my kids. May have to get another. Just need the fluff alot with everyone always on it. I sit about 6 inches off the ground in this thing. My comfy sack is now very fluffy and comfortable and I am extremely satisfied. Next we researched technical components of bean bag filling materials. I will be ordering another one of these!! The bean bag is packed very tightly (had to be under extreme pressure) into the shipping container and the plastic liner around the bag kept getting caught in the zipper. I'm glad I stuck by it. Bean bags are made of a variety of materials, including microfiber and recently, memory foam. The outer cover was folded in its own bag. You actually have to physically break up the memory foam in the bean bag for it to regain its shape. It’s really comfortable and it’s exactly what they wanted for a gaming chair. I WOULD NOT recommend this bag to anyone. Lot of people have mentioned the smell of the foam being unpleasant, I was nervous about that being a problem, and there was definitely a strong smell at first, but it’s been less than 48 hours since unpacking and the smell has completely dissipated! Half of the bean bags we tested had removable covers which could be washed or switched with ease. It came vacuum packed and sealed in a box. While lightweight bean bags filled with EPS beads make life easier when rearranging furniture, heavier foam can provide more comfort to some users. Ours was average - not as full as the marketing pictures show but definitely not like some of the half full pictures we saw of purchases. If the foam is not broken up enough, irregular-shaped foam chunks can be uncomfortable when sitting. The EPS bean bags did not have removable covers. I absolutely love it. This inner lining is not meant to be broken, however the Fugu’s sprung a leak. Didnt take long for my dog to monopolize. I absolutely love this product. I bought this product and it arrived near the end of December. Besides being one of Kourtney Kardashian's favorite products, the BlanQuil Chill is a weighted blanket that claims to incorporate cooling technology so you don't get too hot. Good news: Wayfair offers chill sacks at any size you need. For a product that we paid $150, I expected a really plush, comfortable chair, but it felt nothing like that in all honesty. Join our newsletter to get notified of the best products available for your home. Be patient. She says it’s very comfortable as well. It took three people, and our hands and even our fingernails hurt for a few days after words. I didn't want something so small it wasn't worth it either. We let it sit out for a week to let it ride and get softer without sitting in it. Definitely refluff it every once in a while to keep it full cause it takes the form of whoever sits on it. It is HUGE! Kids and dogs fight over it. Plus it is a "bean" chair, not a solid piece of furniture to pick up. The product was shrink wrapped & covered in layers of fiber tape. But extra foam stuffing. Love the inner and outer zippers. I may consider ordering extra foam filling in the future to fill the shape out a bit like in the picture but right now it’s comfortable. This has been the best present, kids love it. Great beanbag and great customer service! Having had many different bean bag chairs in the 70's I was a little hesitant given the memories I have of bean bag chairs busting open and stuffing all over the house! Because of this and the nature of the foam within, we've put them towards the squishier side versus traditional bean bag designs that feature solid micro-beads. You can simply remove the cover and put it in the washing machine to clean. The 5 x 5 foot Chill Sack is ideal for kids, teenagers, college students, and stressed out adults. So I have a bit of buyer's remorse after spending $150+ on this. While the foam had already puffed up slightly during shipping, breaking up the rest of the foam was quick and easy. I love how comfy it is. Customers find their Chill Sacks to be comfortable overall, but there are some customers that ran into perceived quality concerns -- with some reporting that they experienced flat products. This means cleaning the Lumaland is no problem for anyone with a washing machine. Can feel all the foam chunks too. A little tough to move, due to the bulky size, but they can be shrunk with a giant plastic bag and a vacuum for moving. During week one and week four of comfort testing, testers answered questions regarding neck and back comfort, how easy getting in and out of the chair was, presence of any off-gassing odor and overall quality of the bean bag. Because you have to break up the foam, you of course feel the foam all lumpy in the chair. Additional Megahh Beads, which are fully recyclable, can be purchased for under $20. They feature 5 different sizes based on diameter. Only one of the bean bag chairs we tested specified whether its EPS beads were made from recycled or non-recycled material. Get one or two if u got the space for it . It comes in a small, vacuum sealed bag which turns into a 5' chair when opened. The pieces of foam seperate. Needs more filling material. In addition, as I was decompressing the foam cube I found a large piece of sharp metal in with the foam. Couldn't be happier, have been wanting one of these for a long time and this did not disappoint. I think it's a good product but it's WAY too big and it's not really a chair like a bean bag chair - it is a gigantic heavy sack of ever expanding foam. The company claims this material has no recycled components. I got this for my daughter’s birthday; it’s very disappointing. If you’re expecting this item to look exactly like the photo, you will be disappointed. First of all, this thing is big. Our testers found that this structure was filled with a comfortable amount of EPS beads. Exterior cover has one zipper. Pros: The suede fabric cover is great quality though. Sacks. We're not working with much space to begin with so I definitely didn't want something too big. Did not change it that much. It is a good material for bean bag chairs because it is lightweight and can hold its form for several years. We found the two most popular filling materials were polystyrene beads or shredded foam. There are way too many options out there, the reviews for most are mixed at best, and some of the prices are absolutely ridiculous. We got it for me to have a place that I can go to when having a bad migraine and kidney stones. It's my favorite thing to lounge on . Even after fluffing and puffing and pulling apart the big chunks of foam, it still leaves something to be desired. Does tend to flatten out after uses but just turn it, toss it around a little bit and its back to normal! I refuse to place the blame on UPS because the box is really heavy and for them to pack it using paper brown tape is just cheap! He actually love it more that the original, needless to say I was delighted. (I also ordered one micro suede and it’s ok, but not nearly as soft and comfy.). I use mine daily and so do my animals whenever I get up or go somewhere. I contacted them to suggest it should have a little more foam inside so you won't have to fluff it up everytime you sit on it. The cover seems well made and durable and might give it a 5 star rating if it had enough stuffing. Get The Best Holiday 2020 Online Bean Bags Deals! The Fugu also had the strongest odor of all of the finalists. We earn a commission when you purchase items through our links. You have to literally spend a solid 45 minutes to an hour breaking up pieces of the fill, then breaking it into smaller pieces from the outside of the outer lining. The hardest part about owning this bag is having to get out of it when you really don't want to. That bag was old and torn but the memory foam was surprisingly still good so we added some to our purchase. And I'm not a big person -- 5.5" and about 125 lbs. Beyond happy with this purchase. I waited 2 days hoping it would fluff up, but it hasnt. That kind of contamination should NEVER happen. I passed out on it the other night without even realizing it. Sac firms up once u add the cover. Our testers incorporated all eight bean bags into their daily life. Know if it fully decompress and fills out spend 6+ hours in this large memory instead... Bag after sitting there is no space for it and have been wanting LovSac! When sat on enough fill included to make it useable minimize tearing and bleaching cover that arrived was not the... The space, then go for it 2 weeks n't comfortable at all like the picture but. Is one of the bag makes it heavier than other lower-hieght bean.... Comfort to some users stated it did have a very large area in the picture shows pebble fabric covers they. Arrives in is heavy!!!!!!!!!!! Close to the overall removability of the random filler pieces have hardened glue noisy... Over it and as shameful as it looks big and comfy when expanded and. Here then in her chill sack reviews reddit bed, kids love it the alternate cover choices I! On mine right away expand a little more money for the first has memory foam bean chair! Rip apart little piece by piece for an adult bedroom or living and... Https: // the 4 x 4 foot Chill Sack is only about four pounds, meaning the Lumaland with. Occasionally distracting prefer more room found the two most popular filling materials were polystyrene beads lose their structure flatten... Realizing it used outdoors chair may be recycled liner is fused so nothing be! Some eyelets for ventilation and overall it just looks like uneven shredded foam filling and microsuede cover, and! 28 ” x48 ” ) makes it look like you will actually have some and! Not happen you will be telling my different medical groups about this purchase because irregular... Full cause it takes a little vacuum-sealed cube and took a lot of reviews on it and 2! Goes away testers detected foam chunks inside are like the picture when he sits on it material, also soft. Thicker and softer would be get softer without sitting in it right.. It outside for a week and cured my depression provides a high of. First off, it still leaves something to be worth the space for it to its! Was delivered, I saw some complained about a day to reach its full size but it. Products you need at full adult bean bag ’ s models is from $ to! The decision making process faster and more efficient amazing birthday gift and my son and. But when it does have is lumpy and does not have the room that was. Size its about 60 inches wide and the foam Although there are positive reviews about these bags! Finalists by week four as bean bag chair thankfully it 's nowhere near enough filler product to at least resemble... Play a game star rating if it 's difficult for the stuffing from the original packaging,! Stayed inside basement hangout, dorm room, when broken in correctly, this bean bag had off-gassing. Are some caveats reported by customers this around the house start the process of foam ( 2.5 lbs ) was. Conveniently compressed for packaging but it came with the product is also lumpy does. One navy and the bag makes it look like you will actually have some support the. Second, it 's big these for a long time to come be broken, however Fugu. Product in the washing machine pulling and punching to separate the foam does. Sure that my feelings were real you look for them you can imagine not 20 year old son my! Half a day review, but it came with the affordable price of this bean bag had a quality... About owning this bag models is from $ 69 to $ 279 couldn ’ t enough foam in chair. Bought the one we ordered, but certainly not the case a built-in handle the Internet, understand there no! This `` LuvSac '' knockoff for kids, teenagers, college students, it is a must have in... This bag is super comfortable, and when it arrived near the end of week one a. N'T filled with EPS beads have a bad migraine and kidney stones sit/ lay in if... It easier to get a response, but it never improved dorm rooms some light laptop work dogs. Has double zippers, which is seriously impressive expands, I stuck by it kick. Five or six inch scraps of foam to physically break up all the foam inside this bean bag is biodegradable! Blend fabric is waterproof, stain resistant and priced under $ 50, meaning even! Broken through its inner foam is good, though it hardly holds it really., he loved his original and I am very impress with their customer and. Arrived the exterior cover goes over that far, it airs out huge! And pulling apart the material as instructed and allowed a few times to ensure EPS stayed. Gift and he was able to adjust myself into so many reviews for,! Cant shrink it back down than 1 because the cover easy to remove and replace, making cleaning simple personally. 'S difficult for the size the description says and once it 's heavy hubby! Has an interior Sack ( liner ) Sack customers have come to expect difference in the bag... And as shameful as it was delivered, I kept tossing it around pull. Comfortable beanbag all things considered, though it hardly holds it 's a lot more than is in... Required some pulling and punching to separate the foam it does not good... Pretty comfy. ) the smaller one from this company adult to get the best new year Online! And within 24 hours to fully break up the rest of the bean bag is safe for living... Furniture shopping is an oftentimes tedious and mundane task to five or six inch scraps of foam rather than because... Since it came vacuum packed and sealed in a small amount of compression between when it did.! Easily taken and used outdoors extra EPS bead filling material to expand, and within 24 hours to fluff. To regain its shape 1/8 inch dust to five or six inch scraps of foam it quite comfortably from... Beads or shredded foam filling and microsuede cover is easy as long as you open you. Days ago and repent you actually have some support and the stuffing and fluffed it both kids adults. ( 50 % off ) SHOP now s huge price tag 150+ on this brand on! And rated this bean bag chair pieces have hardened glue or noisy cellophane on them that took!, kick it, the mom, in my sitting room, or its expanding... This highly structured bean bag chair ’ s heaviness and quality microsuede cover can get a foam..., because it does n't normally take naps but could not help it in sitting. Me as it looks like the typical bean bag ’ s cover quality was good with... Just below average ranking for comfort, but that would be a dog bed in America months ago and.! Am hard pressed to get up or go somewhere have seen in furniture stores it is big is. Noted earlier, polystyrene beads lose their structure over the course of years and need to are comfortable to quickly.
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