That didn’t go over well among the grunts. The exit opportunities seem much better for a military officer than for a police officer. The young guys in their 20s on the force seem to all love their jobs however. Army officers are natural leaders who are tasked with ensuring the safety of the men and women under their command. Learn how to join the military as a U.S. Army Officer and the differences between an active duty and Army Reserve officer at Based on my experience, I recommend that junior military officers transitioning from military service to civilian careers avoid recruiters. You always take your weekends and holidays and only opt out of them to give you … Post-command IN and AR officers; and the higher the rank … The Army Reserve is investigating Maj. William Jeffrey Poole, 34, in connection with messages posted under the name “Nebor” on the social media site Reddit after a group of Army … But do you know who our biggest advocates are? The information in this article will help anyone decide whether to use a recruiter. A lot of folks, especially pre-command IN and AR officers talk a lot of shit about the LG branches. Merry later joined the Air Force and retired as a colonel. The officer pointed out the limited options a lifelong career in construction would offer compared to a military career. I served there many years ago and things have certainly changed a lot since then. INTER-SERVICE TRANSFER PROGRAM ALLOWING YOU TO CONTINUE TO SERVE YOUR COUNTRY. I am going to write this from the outside looking in. It used to be a career ender when SF wasn’t a branch.

I pinned on my crossed arrows while attending Infantry Officer Advanced at Ft Benning, after having already commanded an A-Team. I was enlisted for 23 years.

The exit opportunities seem much better for a military officer than for a police officer. There are good and bad officers that want to make a career in the Army and there are good and bad officers that want to serve their time and leave. Written anonymously by an Air Force officer, the Military Dollar has some excellent military personal finance advice and travel hacking tips.

This is more of a general observation and I've given it some thought.

Life as an Officer is great - Yeah sure, you work a few more hours than your soldiers, but you get paid a hell of a lot more. The people have spoken and the consensus is its a misleading number. (Doctor). Kate Horrell. Also, I was not an officer.

By policy, Reserve Officers are limited to 20 years of military service; this may be extended as needed to meet specific service requirements. After coming back from ABOLC a while ago I noticed that most of the AD guys (I'm guard) were all married, and only a small portion of the guard officers … I can only guess at the answer to this question of the best jobs for officers in the USAF. Edit #1: To be clear: Commissioned Military = Officers (lieutenants, captains, majors, colonels, admirals, generals, etc) Edit #2: Removing the 40-hr part.

12 Reasons Why Junior Military Officers (JMO) Should Avoid Recruiters. Formerly known as the Blue to Green Program, the Inter-Service Transfer (IST) program will allow you to continue to serve your country, maintain the benefits of military service and expand your horizons by gaining new training in another military branch.

Being a Single Officer (Is it a big deal?) The young guys in … ... (more time to browse Reddit…