There are 180 calories in 1 regular (16 fl.oz) (14.2 oz) of Taco Bell Dr Pepper Vanilla Float Freeze. Taco Bell's Dr. Pepper Vanilla Float Freeze is an icy slush beverage featuring the taste of Dr. Pepper Vanilla Float soda. For all you Taco Bell lovers, not likers or haters, but LOVERS out there I finally got around to eating the newest addition to the menu, (Actually, technically the newest menu item is the Vanilla Dr. Pepper Float Freeze, but as they say, another day, another dolla LOL) the Quesarito!!!! The Quesarito gets its name from its historic origins, Abe Lincoln style. COMING SOON – Limited Edition Dr Pepper Vanilla Float.

220. But I’m back!

According to Impulsive Buy, a Dr Pepper Vanilla Float Slushi was spotted at a St. Louis, Missouri Taco Bell outpost. This decade we’ve seen, um, Dr Pepper Ten…and that’s it.

The people who appear so … Taco Bell's Happier Hour offers a Mountain Dew Baja Blast Freeze, a Dr. Pepper Vanilla Float Freeze, a Starburst Strawberry Freeze, or any medium drink for a dollar. Meaning, you’re in some serious need for some Dr Pepper® in your life. I moved a little while back and that really threw off my game, so I’m a little rusty. Dr Pepper Vanilla Float Freeze … I bought a 16-oz cup for $1.99. However, that will change in … It sounds pretty amazing to us, but the sweet treat is only a limited-time offer. Taco Bell Drops New Dr Pepper Vanilla Float Taking advantage of the summer swelter weather, Taco Bell announced the roll out of their newest beverage: Dr Pepper Vanilla Float Freeze.

According to The Daily Meal, Taco Bell… April 16, 2014 June 11, 2014 Marvo Coming Soon. But it seems thematically appropriate for Taco Bell’s new Quesarito and Dr. Pepper Vanilla Float Freeze. Get full nutrition facts for other Taco Bell products and all your other favorite brands. Taco Bell Quesarito. Taco Bell. Most people think the common overused phrase is for people who are walking slow and dragging their feet. There are 220 calories in a 1 drink serving of Taco Bell Dr. Pepper Vanilla Float Freeze. We know. Taco Bell has released a Dr Pepper Vanilla Float Freeze: a vanilla ice cream and Dr Pepper-flavored slushie. Dr. Pepper Vanilla Float Freeze Calories. lately, rolling out a breakfast menu , a dollar menu , and a “Happy Hour.” You know who we’re talking about. There was Dr Pepper Red Fusion, Diet Cherry Chocolate Dr Pepper, Cherry Vanilla Dr Pepper, Berries & Cream Dr Pepper, and Dr Pepper Cherry. 0 g. There are 220 calories in a 1 drink serving of Taco Bell Dr. Pepper Vanilla … Foods. Kind of like how I was named Olivia after the … Here we have the something old and something borrowed. …

Recipes. The new Dr Pepper flavor was supposed to roll out (in can form) in mid … Search for food Home Foods Brand List Taco Bell. The Dr. Pepper Vanilla Float Freeze was part slushy, part Dr. Pepper with just a dash of vanilla. Home. Visit CalorieKing to see calorie count and nutrient data for all portion sizes. Those who have nothing else to do for the day. I think you can see where this is going. The 2000s was a great decade for new Dr Pepper flavors. Meant to duplicate the infinity flavors in Dr. Pepper's limited-edition Vanilla Float variety, this slushie is a more refined version of those Coke-and-whatever Slurpees you made in 7-Eleven as a kid. You'd need to walk 50 minutes to burn 180 calories. 57 g. Protein. While the Quesarito is a new menu item, … Unsurprisingly, these tasted like Dr. Pepper with a solid dose of vanilla flavor… And here’s a double review for you! 0 g. Carbs. Taco Bell has been on a roll (tortilla?) Fat.

Well, just between us, what they’re really trying to tell you (subliminally) is to put some Dr Pepper® in your step. Allow us to introduce the so-called Dr. Pepper Vanilla Float Freeze, a drink that is sure to drive a fair amount of business in the restaurant’s general direction.