Crusader Kings II: Horse Lords - recenzja. 2016/01/18 14:55.

This time it is Horse Lords.However, those willing to get the add-on should hurry up, because the promotion will end tomorrow (16.05) at 10 AM PT.To those interested, we remind that the lack of the basic version of the game is not a problem, because since October last year it is offered in the free to play model. Zacząłem tradycyjnie, zachowawczo. Piękna czy bestia?

Horse Armor is a small bit of DLC in Oblivion. Flandria więc.

... Only in Crusader Kings II could a horse rise to power and, after decades of war and conquest, restore the might of the Roman Empire. Paradox Interactive is giving away another expansion for Crusader Kings II for free.

Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury to wydany na PC dodatek do strategii Crusader Kings II z 2012 roku. Jest to rozszerzenie niesamodzielne, więc do działania wymaga podstawowej wersji gry. The official Paradox Interactive Store - Buy games like Stellaris, Cities: Skylines, Europa Universalis, Crusader Kings and Hearts of Iron. It allows you to use armor to protect your horses. That Time A Horse Became Empress Of Rome.


It's not exactly the hottest DLC out there, but Crusader Kings II ze wszystkimi dziewięcioma dodatkami. Whiterun: Nordic Steel Horse Armor Markarth: Dwarven Horse Armor Windhelm: Ebony Horse Armor Riften: LEATHER Horse Armor Solitude: Dragonbone Horse Armor Frost: Altered Model & Texture from Sader325's Divine Saint Mod There is and ingame NPC guide (NOT A VENDOR) located at the whiterun stables to answer any common questions you may have. 0. Sławek Serafin.

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