floor anchors or anything else that may interfere with the safe operation of the lift.

Each of Benwil's 29 car lift models has its own installation instructions, but an overview of the set-up methods for the TP-7 model will provide you with a general guide you can apply to your particular installation. Capacity. Rotary SPOA7 Installation Instruction. auto lift brochures and downloads; automotive lift videos; about challenger lifts; versymmetric technology; automotive careers; authorized install & service school; 2-post lifts inground auto lifts 4-post lifts scissor car lifts mobile column car lift short rise and mid rise car lifts home garage lifts car lift accessories privacy policy The following is a 2-Column hydraulic, leaf chain driven lift. Although spare parts are no longer available from Benwil, you can purchase parts from generic car-lift parts suppliers. Every repair shop that you go to will always have one these items in their shops because it is easier to fix a car while you are standing up than it is laying down underneath a car with limited light. Read more. GP-7LCS (5175995) 106.5" Height, 125" Width, 54" Rise GrandPrix Series 2-Post Lift / 7,000-lb. As a portable 2 post car lift, the Universalift 2 provides strong lifting capabilities with the flexibility to configure the 2 post lift in any shop or garage space. 12 Products . 1. Raise the lift about 12î, check for safe operation of swing arm restraints, look for vibration or bouncing when lifting, if seen go to trouble shooting chart, Figure X. failure to follow these instructions and safety warnings may result in personal injury or property damage.
READ ALL INSTRUCTIONS. The safety latch system is very similar to an extension ladder. APlusLift HW-10KOH car lift (auto hoist) is one of the most affordable over head car lift with 10,000 LB Heavy Duty and Strong Double "S" Column Design.Our auto lifts are upgraded to use thicker steel for stronger support (Column Steel upgraded to 13/64" from 11/64"; Carriage and Arm Steel upgraded to 15/64" from 3/16"; Carriage yoke upgraded to 9/16" from 15/64") Mohawk’s System-1 model is a 2 post truck lift with a 10,000 lb. A comprehensive installation portfolio. Capacity Overhead 2-Post Lift Read this manual thoroughly before installing, operating, or maintaining this lift. Box 3944 Louisville, Kentucky 40201-3944 Email:sales@challengerlifts.com Web site:www.challengerlifts.com Office 800-648-5438 / 502-625-0700 Fax 502-587-1933 IMPORTANT: READ THIS MANUAL … Stay clear of any moving parts that can fall and cause injury. Call For More Info. Capacity / 106.5” Overall Height. Read this manual thoroughly before installing, operating, or maintaining this lift. Check equalizer cable tension. 1. Site Evaluation and Lift Location: A. The technical literature is an integral part of the Lift … This lift is designed for indoor use only, and should not be installed in a pit or depression. The GP-7LCS is a truly one-of-a-kind design. keep this manual in a safe dry place for future reference.

Atlas Platinum PVL10 ALI Cert, 10,000 lb Adjustable 2 Post Overhead Car Lift. Rev. Clear Floor Two Post Garage Lift. Hide thumbs ... 2 post lift (62 pages) Lifting Systems Rotary SPO12 Standard Installation Instructions Manual ... Rotary SPOA3TE 600 Series Installation Instructions Manual . Keep this guide as well as all other supplied technical literature in a safe place close to the Lift in order to allow users to consult it whenever necessary. Because it fits in garages with ceilings as low as 9', it boasts the lowest columns ever found on a permanent two-post lift. Lower lift to ground and continue use, only if … Read more + Quick View. The Universalift 2, a portable 2 post lift, offers a 7,000 lb lift capacity, with 6' (72") walk under height feature, the tallest in the auto lift industry.

Do not attempt to install this lift if you have never been trained on basic automotive lift installation proce-dures.
2. Before unpacking the lift entirely, determine if the site is adequate for the lift model being installed see figures 2 … TRIUMPH NT-11 11,000 lb Two Post Floor Plate Auto Lift Car Truck Lift Hoist Base Plate $2,455.00 Atlas Equipment (ATEATPKOHX10000X) 10,000 lb. 9/15/09 INSTALLATION, OPERATION & MAINTENANCE MANUAL Two Post Surface Mounted Lift MODEL E10 10,000 LBS.CAPACITY 2500 LBS.PER ARM 200 Cabel Street, P.O. Never attempt to lift components without proper lifting tools such as forklift or cranes. PV-10HP – 10,000 lb.