Report errors. Get answers by asking now. View Answer 78 -28 Q4. Trending questions. Pick up the polymineralic rock from the following: 5. 1 hour ago. Wrought iron contains carbon upto. In pig iron carbon content is 3.5-4.5%, wrought iron contains .05-.2% carbon… how many moles of silver are in the wire? Wrought iron is the iron used by the forgerons; in such, being pure, it contains no carbon - carbon is a hardener - and so, wrought iron can also be called “soft” iron, (in French, at least). Q 4. Chemistry Problem? View Answer. Steel is an alloy of iron and carbon with content upto a maximum of 1.5%. 25%; 0%; 5%; 2%. Iron is the name given to pure ferrite Fe, as well as to fused mixtures of this ferrite with large amount of carbon (may be 1.8%), these mixtures are known as pig iron and cast iron. The clay to be used for manufacturing bricks for a large project, is dugout and allowed to weather throughout. Learn Building Materials MCQ questions & answers are available for a Civil Engineering students to clear GATE exams, various technical interview, competitive examination, and another entrance exam. 196. It can easily forged and welded. Crucible process. Still have questions? Q 5. 2. Pick up the polymineralic rock from the following: Quartz sand; Pure gypsum; Magnesite; Granite; None of these. Other elements such as Silicon, Sulphur, Phosphorus and Manganese are also added to improve the various qualities of steels. STEEL. Wrought iron is also known as Pure Iron contains only a few tenths of a percent of carbon, is tough, less fusible, malleable, and usually has a “fibrous” structure.. Wrought iron is an iron alloy with a very low carbon content (less than 0.08%) in contrast to that of cast iron (2.1% to 4%). The carbon content is in the form of iron … Wrought iron is fairly pure iron containing glassy inclusions. Ferrous alloys are that contain iron as the base metal. 1.0% C. 1.5% D. 2%. Discuss in Forum . Pick up the polymineralic rock from the following: 5. 0 0. Discuss in Forum . Wrought iron contains carbon upto? Wrought iron contains carbon upto – pudding. Primarily pig iron is produced from the iron ore in the blast furnace from which cast iron, wrought iron … The steel forms an intermediate stage between cast-iron and wrought-iron. Answer: Option D 5. 273 The variety of pig iron used for manufacture of wrought iron, is (A) Bessemer pig (B) Grey or foundry pig (C) White forge pig (D) Mottled pig Answer: Option C Question No. 1 Answer. … Answer: Option E 3. It can be moulded into variety o f shapes (2) Wrought iron is the purest form o f carbon Workspace. Wrought iron ismalleable and ductile. Wrought Iron: It can be readily welded by any of the commonly used welding processes. 1.0% [C]. Pick up the polymineralic rock from the following: Granite Pure gypsum Magnesite Quartz sand. Pick up the polymineralic rock from the following: A. Quartz sand B. 1.03i C.1.50% D. 2%. Answer: 4. Answer: 5. The steel used for the manufacture of rails is – Bessemer steel Medium Carbon steel 0.30 % - 0.70 %. iron carbide). Pick up the correct statement from the following: A. 195. It is the first form of iron produced directly from ore. Wrought iron contains carbon upto (A) 0.25 % (B) 1.0 % (C) 1.5 % (D) 2 % Answer: Option A Question No. A. Answer: Option A 4. Q 3. (3) It reduces oxygen carrying ability of blood. 22. Since carbon combines with wrought iron and has its surface covered with blisters, therefore, the steel produced by this process is known as blister steel. 23. (1) Pig iron contains about 4% carbon and many impurities in smaller amount (e.g., S, P, Si, Mn). • It is manufactured in a furnace called blast furnace. Answer: 5. View Answer. Answer: 1. It can be easily forged or welded. For thin structures subjected to wetting and drying, the water cement ratio should be 0.45 B. Softer variety of steel may be obtained by – Bessemer process. 0.25% [B]. The carbon present in the form of iron carbide, because of its ability to increase the hardness and strength of the steel. Organic Chemistry help?!?!?!? 3. (2) It forms carboxyhaemoglobin. 25%; 0%; 5%; 2%. Workspace Report. Trending questions. The steel made by this process is cement steel because ferrite in the wrought iron is converted into cementite (i.e. 1.0%: C. 1.5%: D. 2%. Q 5. It is the basic material from which cast iron, wrought iron and steels are produced. Basically the iron comes from the mines or rocks in the form of ores and separated from the ores. It is a ferrous material and more corrosion resistant than steel. 195. Wrought iron contains carbon upto [A]. Answer: Option A 4. Answer: Option D 5. Answer: 1. Pig iron contains impurities like, carbon, silicon, phosphorus, and manganese. 3. For high grade instruments the steel preferred to is – Cast Steel. Which of the following is not correct about carbon monoxide ? Wrought iron is tough, malleable, ductile, corrosion resistant, and easily welded. Based on Carbon Content it can be classified into 1. The members in the iron family are classified on the basis of carbon content present. In steel, the carbon content varies from anything below 0.25% to 1.50% maximum.
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